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Our offers range from simple 50km tours with 500 meters of elevation gain to 120km tours with 1700 meters of elevation gain.

Around the lakes there are many climbs that lead to forgotten villages where time seems to have stopped at the beginning of the 1900s with ascents of all kinds: steep, long, constant and above all not busy,  you only have to leave the main busy roads along the lake to find peace and tranquility on some secondary roads….


DAY 1 - 45 KM

Since the area of Lake Orta is purely hilly and there are no flat cycle paths by the lake, we propose a tour of the upper lake that allows you to discover Lake Orta on secondary hilly roads, crossing the small villages that climb on the mountains the shores of the lake.
The tour of the Alto Lake measures 45 km for 500 meters in altitude.

DAY 2 - 47 KM

The tour of the two lakes allows you to discover the territory that divides Lake Orta from Lake Maggiore.
It is a hilly area, it does not have big climbs but it is a continuous ups and downs surrounded by greenery where the cyclist can see many different scenarios passing from Lake Orta, to the Sovazza pastures, to Lake Maggiore in a few km.
The itinerary extends over 47 km for a difference in altitude of 400 meters.

Tour of Lake Orta through secondary roads
and visit to the Madonna del Sasso and Monte Mesma

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